Precarity and exclusion is a blog run by two EVS volunteers, who came to Berlin from Slovenia and Spain.

It’s a part of a project called “Sharing skills and resources to fight exclusion and precarity”, which runs from 1. September 2013 until 31. August 2014. It’s financed by Youth in Action Programme and hosted by European Youth For Action (eyfa.org).


With this blog we want to invite you to activities organised by us.

We hope to meet active young people interested in developing ways to fight precarity and exclusion. All the events will be held in English.


We’re organising events such as:

– Vokus (Vegan people’s kitchens, every second Wednesday of a month)

– Film screenings (Once a month we screen independent movies or documentaries connected to topics of exclusion and precarity)

– Workshops (Events where we share skills which can help us combat different kinds of oppression)

– Reading circle (Regular self-educatory meetings, where we choose books or articles to read and later talk about what we learned from them)

– Discussions (Space to exchange views and talk about our experiences. And practice your English!)

The events we organise take place in Berlin:

New Yorck im Bethanien

Mariannenplatz 2a

10977 Berlin




eyfa new logo




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